BAAB Education Day 2022

BAAB held its annual Education Day, on 30th June in Central London. Copies of the day’s presentations are now available – see below for links.

We were delighted to host another successful BAAB Education Day, this year the focus was on well-being and mental health for both students and teachers. Our speakers included:

Tony Sigrist - First aid for mental health. Tony is an acupuncturist and a passionate mental health campaigner.

Dr Shelley Berlinsky - Planning your teaching to support mental health and well-being. This short workshop looks at ways to embed mental well-being into the curriculum: How do we plan curriculum and assessments in a way that will keep studies rigorous and at the same time reduce stress levels for teachers and students.

Dr Felicity Moir - The new BAcC Educational Standards - what you need to know. The Standards of Education and Training for Acupuncture (SETA) have been updated and are now the BAcC Educational Standards. Felicity will explain the major changes.  Felicity will also open a discussion about gender identity and how we might take account of this movement in our work.

Dr Vivien Shaw - Student well-being – the value of community. Dr Shaw is an academic, anatomist and an acupuncturist. She won a University of Oxford Teaching Award in 2015, for excellence in teaching, and was nominated for a Student-Led Teaching Award for “Supervisor of the Year” as an Associate Member of the Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching at The University of Bangor. She is also our newly appointed BAAB Accreditation Officer.  Click here to read Vivien's full report on the day.

Paul Probyn - Student Mental Health: Limits and Boundaries. Paul was responsible for setting up a Student WellBeing team at the Royal Veterinary College in London as a way for them to address the ever-increasing levels of mental health challenges that students in the ‘Covid generation’ are facing. 


Feedback from the participants showed that they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the usefulness of the whole event. Some of the comments we received are here: 

A good event, with a great range of presentations on the theme. Good levels of information linked to some very stimulating ideas.

Very informative. Lovely atmosphere. A great opportunity to meet other educators. Thank you for organising and executing!!!’

Great connecting thread through the itinerary – lots of tangible takeaways.


Tony Sigrist: Mental Health First Aid 

Dr Shelley Berlinsky: Planning your teaching to support mental health and well-being 

Dr Felicity Moir: The new BAcC Educational Standards - what you need to know 

Dr Vivien Shaw: Student well-being – The value of community

Paul Probyn: Student Mental Health: Limits and Boundaries? 

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