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Acupuncture is a fascinating subject and BAAB accredited courses ensure that you have a professional training covering everything you need to succeed.

The training itself requires a considerable commitment on your part. This is not only in time and effort, but in a willingness to embrace a very different way of looking at health and disease, and being open and willing to be challenged yourself and to grow through self-reflection.

Many professional acupuncturists value their career because of this different way of seeing  health and disease, and the rich experience they have of helping their patients through acupuncture.

BAAB accredited courses offer a thorough grounding in Chinese medicine theory together with physiology, anatomy and other western medical sciences, in order to provide an integrated understanding of both traditional eastern and modern western approaches to healthcare. You will spend a minimum of 400 hours in a clinical setting working with patients, and at least 200 hours being responsible for the personal management of patients through all aspects of the treatment encounter. You’ll also learn how to set up and run your practice, to give you the best opportunity to succeed  in becoming a professional acupuncturist.

Graduates of BAAB accredited courses are automatically eligible to join the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), the UK's lead governing body for acupuncture. The BAcC offers many benefits for their members.

shutterstock 45537523Acupuncture is a rewarding career choice for many people in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Working for yourself means you can choose your own hours and style of practice, and helping people to achieve a better state of health can be very gratifying. Click here to watch a range of acupuncturists from different backgrounds talk about how they feel about their career choice.

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